Friday, March 20, 2009

Dishcloths for Divas

Most women would not list doing dishes in
their top ten favorite things to do.

So call me strange but I actually enjoy
doing dishes ..."by hand even" if I am
using one of my hand knit or crocheted
dish cloths. There is just something about
how the warm, sudsy water soaks up
into the dish cloth that feels a bit luxurious.

100% cotton is the only way to go with
these little babies. They grow in a
diamond pattern, increasing in width
until half way through the project.
Then decrease one on each row and
bind off.

(Just let me know if you want the
pattern and I'll shoot you an email.)

These are a great little projects to carry

in your purse for those times you

are sitting in the car line at school or

waiting at the doctor's office. I wish

I had a nickel for every one these I've

made. I'd be one rich lady!!

When visiting my sister I discovered
she had not been using the ones I had
made her because she didn't want them
to get yucky....I told her that
she simply had to use them or
she wouldn't ever get any new ones from
me....(That goes for any of my friends too :)

Here are a couple of crocheted
dishcloths I made.These work
up in about a third of the time for me.
I personally like the knit ones
better for dishes, but either one is
a fun gift to give.

Either one also works great for face cloths
or baby washcloths. I just make them a bit
smaller. I usually use cotton tots
for the baby washcloths as it just has a
softer feel. Chenille works wonderfully
for face cloths. Just a word of
caution if you have teens that use cleansers
with benzo-peroxide, colors will bleach
so it is best to make them white.


  1. I know I will be making some of these in the future. Thanks for the great class!

  2. So glad to have a second follower!! Having alot of fun teaching the class!!