Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Items made with Koolaid Dyed Yarn

Here are three pair of fingerless
mitts that I knit on 14 inch long
number 8 needles.

When I took a trip home to Arkansas
last October, I took about a dozen pairs
of these with me. My niece is a competitive
figure skater and I gave her and her sister
a pair and all the other skater girls wanted
some too. They sold like hotcakes.
Needless to say I sold them all.
A little tip I learned from another knitter:
When making two of something, either gloves, sleeves, vest fronts, etc. , you can make both
of them at the same time. These worked up
in about 3 hours on 14" long number 8 needles.
Simply make two balls of yarn and only use one
ball for each glove and drop that yarn and pick
up yarn from second ball for second glove. The
advantage to doing this allows you to complete
both items at the same time and also keeps you
from having to recount and measure second item
to ensure even lengths upon completion.

I crocheted a bunch of
flowers to embellish
future projects.
Just a mix of items made with
Koolaid dyed yarn.

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