Saturday, March 21, 2009

Felting Fun 101

Although this wasn't actually my first felting project it was just
as exciting as if it had been.
The anticipation of what the project will look like after
being felted is half the fun.
I used 100% worsted weight wool that I had hand dyed with kool-aid.
I crocheted cuff bracelets that were large enough to slip over my wrists easily. (Allowing for shrinkage during the felting process.)

The first thing is giving the bracelets a hot bubble bath in the sink.

I let them soak just a bit.

The next step was the agitation process.
I just rubbed the crocheted bracelets between my hands and fingers
squishing water and bubbles through the wool fibers. The water turned the
color of the kool-aid dye, as I did not rinse the yarn after I dyed it.

The next step is to rinse in cold water and squeeze out the excess water.

Let the projects air dry. Then they are ready for wearing!! They can also be
embellished with almost anything you can imagine....
embroidery, beads, pearls, crystals, or buttons
just to name a few.
These are so fun to wear and go with just about any

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  1. It's been a while since I visited my fellow yarn junkie's blog. Don't stop writing now, you're on a roll! I love all of your pictures!