Sunday, June 28, 2009

Crochet Creations of one of my Students

I wanted to highlight one of my student's work she has completed. Marsha and I have been meeting now for several months at least a couple of times a month. She and another student, Ella, and I meet at a local Barnes & Noble and make many fun items.
The first item is an afghan that she made using 3 different neutral colored yarns held together and crocheted at the same time.
This afghan is made from multi-colored yarn ...I believe she used 2 strands at a time...I love the Autumn Colors.
This is a cream scarf made from chunky weight yarn....very warm!

Another chunky weight yarn scarf in a beautiful rust color.

A trio of scarves...these make lovely gifts.

A close up of one of her afghans.

This was a fun little project. Ella brought a completed toilet paper cover to class without instructions for how to crochet it. We figured out how to make them just from looking at the example that she brought. This is the one Marsha crocheted. This turned out so cute....I just love the flower and ribbon she added.

I just love sharing my love of crochet with others!! What a great way to
meet people and make lasting friendships...

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  1. Very nice work. What fun projects! I don't think your students will be novice crocheters for long. :D