Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Tisket a Tasket....a little Easter Basket!

This is a super way to use up scraps of yarn left over from completed projects!!
Using 5 different strands of yarn at one time ,(I used 1 chunky yarn, 2 worsted weights, 1 baby weight, and a novelty fun fur yarn), I used a really large crochet hook and started at the base of the baskets and worked in a circular pattern using a double crochet stitch. When the bottom was completed, I worked into the back loop for one round which allowed for the basket to form a rounded shape. Then I started decreasing toward the top and stitched the handle right into the basket. I have 4 kids, but could only find pics of 2 baskets...go figure...the other two were done in oranges and purples....They are now nicely packed away to be used again next Easter!!

2 years ago this month I moved the the beautiful Valley of the Sun. I met my good friend, Jennifer...a.k.a. Jenn, through a mutual friend. I was so excited to meet someone who had such a passion for yarn and fiber as myself. She not only creates beautiful things through crochet, but she even dyes and spins her own yarn....(I wanna be just like her when I grow up!!) Shortly after we met she gave me the most beautiful little crocheted basket. I use it to hold small projects I have in the works. This last Easter I thought it would be fun to make some baskets for my kiddos.... the basket she gave me being my model and inspiration..... As a yarn junkie I have oodles of yarn just sittin' around waiting to be made into something decorative or useful.....these baskets fill both of those categories.

Jenn's websites are listed under sites I love on my blog (hers are the windrose sites)....check out her Etsy Shops!!

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